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Sicura day/date, some subdued seventies chunky funk


Sicura seem to be a brand growing in popularity, thanks no doubt to their bold styling. Though they were definitely at the lower end of the price spectrum when new, the company produced some of the coolest looking chronographs and divers watches around.

Some try to sell these as being Breitling/Sicuras, which is utter nonsense. Admitedly, Ernest Schneider, CEO of Sicura, did come to the rescue of the Breitling brand in 1979. Following this takeover, he concentrated on the more prestigious Breitling brand and Sicura lapsed into the mists of time.

Despite this link, I have never seen a Sicura with any evidence of Breitling content. Which doesn't really matter, as these watches have plenty of merit in their own right.

This particular chunk of watch is pretty subdued by Sicura standards, it could almost be classed as a dress watch, albeit a bold one. The cushion case is 36mm x 39mm and has retained all of its sun-burst finish on the faceted front. The polished sides and bezel are also in excellent condition with only minor marks.

The champagne dial is in perfect condition, with a subtle brushed finish. The applied chrome baton markers have some slight discolouration when examined under a loupe.

The movement is a Ronda, of indeterminatecalibre, which is higher quality than those usually found in Sicuras (which tend to be single jewel BFG 866 or similar). It is keeping excellent time and the date mechanism works as it should. (Wind the crown counter clockwise to set the date, move the hands between 10pm and midnight to set the day).

Overall, a pretty funky, but still subtle 70's watch.

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