Retro Wrist Wear: Useful information and observations on watches

This is the section of the site where I will post articles, videos etc that I have found interesting, as well as links to sites which I find useful for reference. It is a fairly eclectic mix, but hopefully some will find it beneficial.


A short video with my microscope of the action of a Venus 188 escapement.


Seiko's funky 60's and 70's Sports divers

Great overview of Seiko's expansive range of sports divers' watches thanks to Fratello Watches.

Seiko Sports Divers


History of the Naval Rolex Subs

A very interesting study of the origins of the early Rolex Subs used by the Royal Navy and the subtle intricacies of these rare beasts.

The Military Watch Forum



Teardown and service of EB8420 movement

Here is a post I made on Watch Repair Talk on the teardown and service of an EB8420 movement from a Heuer Ickx (not the one currently for sale).


Use of a Jacot tool and pivot polisher

I think this site is now defunct, but this page is still live. A nice selection of images of a Jacot Tool and pivot drill in use


How a mechanical watch works.

A great and informative film put together by the Hamilton Watch company on the workings of mechanical watches. Enjoy.